Naomi Hashimoto and Lindz Dolan, owners of Woof and Wander in Rogers, came to the ASBTDC with an idea inspired by their passion for dogs.  Wanting to open a store for dog owners who truly care about the welfare of their animals, Naomi and Lindz believe that dogs are part of the family and that owners want to provide the best available care.  They spent countless hours over fifteen years researching the newest and most ancient practices in pet health.

Coming to the ASBTDC with their idea and some research, they lacked guidance on how to take their idea and use the information they had gathered to create a plan for operating the business.  ASBTDC assisted by providing additional market research, guidance in writing a business plan, and preparing financial projections for a clear picture of how the business would perform.   

Opening in August of 2016, Woof and Wander today continues to enable dog owners to purchase exceptional products for canine diet, nutrition and play. From food, holistic supplements and treats to adventure gear, toys, accessories and an on-site dog wash, they are committed to providing dog owners the products and services that ensure special care for their dogs.